how to drop shot bass fishing

#18 – Drop Shot Rig

This tip is brought to you by Lure Labs

The drop shot rig has quickly become one of the most popular bass fishing presentations on the tournament trail, and hopefully, your weekend fishing trips. The reason is simple: it’s one of the most versatile and effective fishing solutions available. The drop shot can be rigged and fished in innumerable ways, but the main concept of each approach maintains that the lure is positioned above the weight on your line. Your lure, usually a soft plastic worm, is fished weightless while the weight is dragged along the bottom, acting like an anchor.

Rigging a Drop Shot:

  • Use a palomar knot to tie a small split shot or drop-shot style hook to the end of your line, leaving 12-18” of tag line below the hook. As an alternative, tie a spinshot hook to the end of your line, and then tie 12-18” of line to the bottom eye.
  • Attach a 1/8 – 1 oz. self-clinching weight (such as Lunker City’s Bakudan) to the extra line and adjust the position based on how high you’d like the lure to sit off the bottom. The size and type of weight can vary based on the type of bottom you’re fishing and depth of water.
  • Nose hook a 3-6” soft plastic bait, such as a stickbait, paddle tail, curly tail, or minnow. We tend to use a lot of small diameter worms. The slender designs provide a subtle but natural motion even when you’re not moving your rod.
  • Your retrieve can vary, depending on how you are targeting your fish. When bass are more reluctant to bite, you can drop your lure straight down and ever-so-slightly bounce it off the bottom. To cover more ground, casting and slowly raising and lowering your rod tip while reeling can also entice hits.
  • Tip: Patience! Keep your lure in the strike zone for as long as you possibly can before reeling it up and casting again.

Advantages of the Drop Shot:

Natural presentation. The drop shot allows your bait to be presented in a natural, weightless action that is based on the design of your selected soft plastic.

Target zone. Keeps the bait at the depth you’re targeting, putting the lure in the target zone for longer periods of time. Plus, it allows you to position the bait directly above shallow grass and weeds.

Sensitivity. Since there is no weight between you and the bait, you feel strikes immediately.



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