#26 – Dock Fishing 101

By Brandon and Curtis Devries of Rock the Docks Fishing

Dock fishing is one of our favorite techniques, we’ll share some tips and tricks, and what things to look for that can help you turn your next time dock fishing into a success.

Largemouth bass in particular are mostly cover oriented fish and when hot and sunny weather sets in they will seek cooler shaded water beneath docks. Look for bass in the darkest and most hidden section of the dock you are fishing, that is where they are most likely to be. Another thing to key in on while fishing around docks are the floating weeds and lilypads, along with boats as they provide extra shade for bass and can yield excellent results.




Lure Choice
Just like other styles of fishing, your lure choice should reflect the mood and wants of the fish. Many lures in today’s market can be used effectively for dock fishing. When the bass are aggressive you can use fast moving baits such as a spinnerbait or a shallow running crankbait to run along the side of the dock. These lures can also be productive when the bass are hovering right on the outside edge of the dock’s structure waiting to ambush the bait.

For less active bass or bass that are simply to far under the dock where a spinnerbait can’t reach, a flipping jig or Texas rigged soft plastic, is always a good option to have rigged up. These baits offers a slow and subtle presentation, along with a larger profile which the bass can zero in on.

When it comes to the rods and reels, choose 6’6″ to 7’6″ rods in length, between medium-heavy to heavy action. The reels are high speed reels with 7.1:1 gear ratio that allows you to get the bass away from the docks in a hurry. For fishing around docks and heavy cover use a minimum of 40lbs+ braided line.

What to look for in docks

Docks come in all different shapes and sizes, to find success look for the docks that are old and decaying, surrounded by structure. The older style crib docks, are prime locations for largemouth bass.

Rock the Docks Fishing
Between my brother Brandon and I, our passion for the sport of fishing has lead us to create our own brand of RTD fishing which stands for Rock the Docks fishing, which is what we like to do when we can. We’ve branched out into creating our own t shirts with our logo on them and we are looking into eventually having RTD hoodies and hats. We’re also on Facebook at Rock the Docks Fishing and on Twitter @RTDfishing