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carolina rig for bass

#30 – Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is similar to the Texas rig, except the weight is separated from the plastic by a swivel and leader line. This may not sound significant, but it actually opens up a ton of options for finding and catching fish that are relating to the bottom or suspending just above it. This is […]

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#28 – Post-Spawn Bass Fishing

Article by Josh Cole Target Areas Backwater areas Shallow cover leading from spawning areas to deeper summer haunts Shallow grass, stumps, and laydowns Bluegill bedding areas Lures (my favorite model/color in parenthesis) Swim Jig (Santone Lures Rayburn Swim Jig in bass candy color) Flipping Jig (Santone Lures Rattlin Jig in bass candy color, Strike King […]

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how to drop shot bass fishing

#18 – Drop Shot Rig

This tip is brought to you by Lure Labs The drop shot rig has quickly become one of the most popular bass fishing presentations on the tournament trail, and hopefully, your weekend fishing trips. The reason is simple: it’s one of the most versatile and effective fishing solutions available. The drop shot can be rigged […]

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soft plastic stickbait senko beginners

#10 – Soft Plastic Stickbait

If you haven’t started fishing soft plastics, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to catch bass. A great lure to start with is the soft plastic stickbait, commonly referred to as a “Senko” (after the popular Gary Yamamoto lure). Rig this guy without a weight and it will slowly flutter and fall […]

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bass fishing texas rig weightless rig

#8 – Texas Rig

The basic Texas Rig – Probably the most universal technique used to rig soft plastic lures. Every angler should have this one down. 1. Slide a small bullet weight onto your line and tie on the hook using a knot you are comfortable with. 2. Insert the hook point into the nose of the lure […]

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