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#32 – Lipless Crankbait

Lipless Crankbait, AKA: “Rattletrap” “Rat-L-Trap” (made popular by Bill Lewis) “Trap” “Vibrating Lure” I would be willing to bet most anglers’ first ever crankbait fish come on a lipless crankbait. Lipless cranks are easily found in your local superstore at a low price. Not only are they easy to come by, but you can catch […]

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#12 – Crankbaits

The crankbait, also called a plug, is another great beginner lure. It’s a hard-body bait typically made of balsa wood or plastic. A plastic or metal lip is sometimes attached to the front of the lure to help it dive and wobble in the water. Two or more treble hooks hang from most crankbaits. There […]

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