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jig and pig for bass fishing

#19 – Jig-n-Pig

Jig-and-pig… jig-n-pig… jig-and-trailer… Call it what you want, the jig is one of the most effective big bass lures available. It’s extremely versatile and can be fished all year long, deep or shallow, fast or slow. There is SO much to cover on the topic of jigs, one article isn’t nearly enough. They come in […]

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how to drop shot bass fishing

#18 – Drop Shot Rig

This tip is brought to you by Lure Labs The drop shot rig has quickly become one of the most popular bass fishing presentations on the tournament trail, and hopefully, your weekend fishing trips. The reason is simple: it’s one of the most versatile and effective fishing solutions available. The drop shot can be rigged […]

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#17 – First Bass Fishing Rod & Reel

So far, A&L has introduced some thoughts on bass behavior and beginner lures. Now, let’s take a step back for those of you who have never purchased a rod and reel before or are trying to move up from a small panfish outfit. You might be intimidated thinking you need to go out and spend […]

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bass fishing shoreline cover

#16 – Fishing Shoreline Cover

By Tyler Morgan – young tournament bass angler from Pennsylvania When fishing shoreline cover some gear that you need is a long and heavy rod. The rod I use is a Big Bear fishing rod 7ft 9in heavy fast action rod. For a fishing reel, I use a Shimano Chronarch c14 with 65lb Power Pro Braided […]

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bass fishing cover vs structure

#15 – Structure vs Cover

You may hear fishermen at your local lake use the terms “structure” or “cover”. “We were flipping and pitching around cover” or, “We caught them on some main lake structure”. Cover and structure are terms for underwater features that bass relate to throughout the year. While some anglers may use the terms interchangeably, they generally […]

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bass fishing in the wind

#14 – Fishing in the Wind

The wind is blowing across the water, your boat is drifting all over, and you’re having trouble making accurate casts. The bass probably aren’t even biting, right? Well suck it up. Bass are not bothered by the wind. Wind can actually create an ideal environment for bass to feed. Ok, you get what I mean. […]

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how to bass fishing palomar knot

#13 – Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is a great all-around knot. It’s simple, strong and suitable for most any fishing application. It isn’t perfect for EVERY situation, but this is a great one to use if your knot knowledge is limited. Here’s how to tie it: 1. Run the end of your fishing line through the eye of […]

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bass fishing crankbait beginner

#12 – Crankbaits

The crankbait, also called a plug, is another great beginner lure. It’s a hard-body bait typically made of balsa wood or plastic. A plastic or metal lip is sometimes attached to the front of the lure to help it dive and wobble in the water. Two or more treble hooks hang from most crankbaits. There […]

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bass fishing spinnerbait blades

#11 – Spinnerbait

The spinnerbait: a classic fish-catching machine. It’s extremely versatile and easy to use. Fish it fast or slow, deep or shallow. The basic parts of a spinnerbait have been labeled above. Although the lure may look complex at first glance, it’s fairly simple to understand. A bent wire arm connects one or more free-spinning blades […]

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soft plastic stickbait senko beginners

#10 – Soft Plastic Stickbait

If you haven’t started fishing soft plastics, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to catch bass. A great lure to start with is the soft plastic stickbait, commonly referred to as a “Senko” (after the popular Gary Yamamoto lure). Rig this guy without a weight and it will slowly flutter and fall […]

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