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Top Water Bass Fishing

#29 – Topwater Bass Fishing

Article by Brandon Hughes Lures (my favorite model/color in parenthesis) Walking/Spook style (River2Sea Rover 128 in Bone/White) Popper (River2Sea Bubble Popper 88 in Bone/White) Frog (River2Sea Bully Wa 65 in Big Mouth pattern) Buzz Bait (Screwy Lewy Lures single & double buzz in Ghost/White) Target Areas Rip Rap Banks/Points (Spook or Popper) Spawning Areas (Spook […]

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#28 – Post-Spawn Bass Fishing

Article by Josh Cole Target Areas Backwater areas Shallow cover leading from spawning areas to deeper summer haunts Shallow grass, stumps, and laydowns Bluegill bedding areas Lures (my favorite model/color in parenthesis) Swim Jig (Santone Lures Rayburn Swim Jig in bass candy color) Flipping Jig (Santone Lures Rattlin Jig in bass candy color, Strike King […]

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bass fishing shoreline cover

#16 – Fishing Shoreline Cover

By Tyler Morgan – young tournament bass angler from Pennsylvania When fishing shoreline cover some gear that you need is a long and heavy rod. The rod I use is a Big Bear fishing rod 7ft 9in heavy fast action rod. For a fishing reel, I use a Shimano Chronarch c14 with 65lb Power Pro Braided […]

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bass fishing cover vs structure

#15 – Structure vs Cover

You may hear fishermen at your local lake use the terms “structure” or “cover”. “We were flipping and pitching around cover” or, “We caught them on some main lake structure”. Cover and structure are terms for underwater features that bass relate to throughout the year. While some anglers may use the terms interchangeably, they generally […]

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bass fishing in the wind

#14 – Fishing in the Wind

The wind is blowing across the water, your boat is drifting all over, and you’re having trouble making accurate casts. The bass probably aren’t even biting, right? Well suck it up. Bass are not bothered by the wind. Wind can actually create an ideal environment for bass to feed. Ok, you get what I mean. […]

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seasonal bass movement

#9 – Intro to Seasonal Bass Movement

Intro to Seasonal Bass Movement By aspiring pro bass fisherman, Matthew Mattingly People always ask me, “How do you know where the bass move at different times of the year?” Keep it simple and think, “where would I be?” If it’s hot outside, you want to be cool. So where is the coolest water? Either […]

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stealth shore fishing bass

#6 – Stealth Approach

Walking up to the water to make a cast? WAIT! That lunker might be sitting just a foot off the shoreline. Take a stealth approach. Make your initial casts a few yards off the shore and be very quiet. Fish can sense your presence.  Some anglers go as far as wearing camouflage clothing when shore fishing. […]

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black bass diet prey

#4 – The Bass Diet

Bass mainly consume things like large insects, small sunfish, minnows, shad, crayfish, small amphibians or just about anything alive and moving that fits in their mouths. Keep this in mind when presenting your lures or choosing your bait. What kinds of interesting creatures do bass prey upon in your region?

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