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bass fishing texas rig weightless rig

#8 – Texas Rig

The basic Texas Rig – Probably the most universal technique used to rig soft plastic lures. Every angler should have this one down. 1. Slide a small bullet weight onto your line and tie on the hook using a knot you are comfortable with. 2. Insert the hook point into the nose of the lure […]

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bass fishing polarized sunglasses tips

#7 – Polarized Sunglasses

The Importance of Polarized Sunglasses By Wes Park of New York Polarized sunglasses reduce sun glare on the water, allowing you to see under the surface. A pair of these lenses range from $15-$300 making them affordable to anyone. Here are some top reasons to utilize them. Help you identify different types of cover (weeds, […]

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bass fishing wallpapers angles and lines

Free Angles & Lines Wallpapers

Largemouth Bass 2650×1440     1920×1080     1440×900     iPad     iPhone Smallmouth Bass 2650×1440     1920×1080     1440×900     iPad     iPhone Spotted Bass 2650×1440     1920×1080     1440×900     iPad     iPhone    

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stealth shore fishing bass

#6 – Stealth Approach

Walking up to the water to make a cast? WAIT! That lunker might be sitting just a foot off the shoreline. Take a stealth approach. Make your initial casts a few yards off the shore and be very quiet. Fish can sense your presence.  Some anglers go as far as wearing camouflage clothing when shore fishing. […]

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bass fishing starter beginner lures

#5 – Starter Lures

Just starting out? Fishing from shore? Pick up a few simple yet versatile lures to try out. A spinnerbait, shallow crankbait, and soft plastic worm are easily fished and historically effective. Gather a mix of natural and bright colors for different conditions and water clarity Experiment with different retrieve speeds using the spinnerbait and crankbait […]

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black bass diet prey

#4 – The Bass Diet

Bass mainly consume things like large insects, small sunfish, minnows, shad, crayfish, small amphibians or just about anything alive and moving that fits in their mouths. Keep this in mind when presenting your lures or choosing your bait. What kinds of interesting creatures do bass prey upon in your region?

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Newb Series – Are You a Newb or a Noob?

“Newb” (short for newbie) is a slang term for someone who is new to a particular group, activity, game, field of study, etc. The Angles & Lines mission is to support all of the bass fishing newbs out there. No matter where we are in our fishing journey, we all start out as newbs. With […]

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spotted bass illustration

#3 – Spotted Bass

The Spotted bass. Micropterus punctulatus. AKA “Spotty”, “Spots”. Member of the sunfish family. Species of black bass. How about some nicknames for Spotted bass in your region?

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Smallmouth Bass Illustration

#2 – Smallmouth Bass

The Smallmouth bass. Micropterus dolomieu. AKA, “Bronzeback”, “Brownie”,”Smallie”. Member of the sunfish family. Species of black bass. How about some nicknames for Smallmouth in your region?

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