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#23 – Jerkbait Fishing

I want to begin this post by making it clear that a jerkbait is not the typical crankbait. It’s very easy to look at these two lures and assume they do the same thing underwater. I’m not even sure how long I fished these baits the wrong way when I first started out. And for […]

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bass on a fly rod fishing

#22 – Bass on a Fly Rod?

An Intro to Fly Fishing for Bass provided by Joel Brothers and the crew at The stereotypical fly fisherman is regarded by most as somewhat of a fishing snob and a purist, spending all that time tying flies and stalking streams, all to hook that one fish, or maybe none at all. While that […]

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bass fishing one lure method swim jig

#21 – Practicing Persistence, The One Lure Method

By Charles Waldorf, Commercial and Editorial Photographer from Buffalo, NY I believe, confidence in a particular lure/style of fishing, plays a big part in being a successful angler. So over the past few years I’ve made it my goal to “learn” one or two lures a summer. There will be many days, when you go […]

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bass fishing for the next generation

#20 – Fishing for the Next Generation

By Jon Evans of Austin, Texas   As a father it is very important to me to lead my two boys (6yrs & 4yrs old) and sometimes my daughter (2yrs old) into moments of adventure. As a boy, some of my best moments came around the peripherals of my father fishing. My dad would bring […]

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jig and pig for bass fishing

#19 – Jig-n-Pig

Jig-and-pig… jig-n-pig… jig-and-trailer… Call it what you want, the jig is one of the most effective big bass lures available. It’s extremely versatile and can be fished all year long, deep or shallow, fast or slow. There is SO much to cover on the topic of jigs, one article isn’t nearly enough. They come in […]

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how to drop shot bass fishing

#18 – Drop Shot Rig

This tip is brought to you by Lure Labs The drop shot rig has quickly become one of the most popular bass fishing presentations on the tournament trail, and hopefully, your weekend fishing trips. The reason is simple: it’s one of the most versatile and effective fishing solutions available. The drop shot can be rigged […]

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#17 – First Bass Fishing Rod & Reel

So far, A&L has introduced some thoughts on bass behavior and beginner lures. Now, let’s take a step back for those of you who have never purchased a rod and reel before or are trying to move up from a small panfish outfit. You might be intimidated thinking you need to go out and spend […]

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bass fishing shoreline cover

#16 – Fishing Shoreline Cover

By Tyler Morgan – young tournament bass angler from Pennsylvania When fishing shoreline cover some gear that you need is a long and heavy rod. The rod I use is a Big Bear fishing rod 7ft 9in heavy fast action rod. For a fishing reel, I use a Shimano Chronarch c14 with 65lb Power Pro Braided […]

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bass fishing cover vs structure

#15 – Structure vs Cover

You may hear fishermen at your local lake use the terms “structure” or “cover”. “We were flipping and pitching around cover” or, “We caught them on some main lake structure”. Cover and structure are terms for underwater features that bass relate to throughout the year. While some anglers may use the terms interchangeably, they generally […]

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bass fishing catch and release

Catch & Release

In order to preserve the bass angling industry for generations to come, Angles & Lines supports “catch and release” fishing. Help support the effort by proudly displaying these free “catch and release” illustrations on your social media accounts. Facebook Cover Photo Twitter Header Photo Reach out on Facebook or Twitter to let us know you […]

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