#17 – First Bass Fishing Rod & Reel

So far, A&L has introduced some thoughts on bass behavior and beginner lures. Now, let’s take a step back for those of you who have never purchased a rod and reel before or are trying to move up from a small panfish outfit. You might be intimidated thinking you need to go out and spend a lot of money on some high-end baitcaster and fancy rod like your favorite pro on TV. That’s not true at all. Of course, we want you to graduate up to all that nice gear, but catching your first bass or two can be extremely simple and inexpensive.

Start by visiting a nearby sporting goods store or the sporting goods section of your local department store. Look for a rod and reel that comes pre assembled. The rod should be about six feet long and say “medium power”. As for the reel, a baitcaster will cause you more headaches than you need at this point. Go with either a spincast (push-button) reel or an open-face spinning reel. If you’ve never been fishing before, start with a spincast. If you have previous experience fishing, the versatility of a spinning reel might be better for you. Many of these rod/reel combos come pre-spooled with line. Look for something that has 6 to 10 pound test monofilament line. Don’t get distracted by the marketing for some bright colored line. Stick with clear for now.

You shouldn’t need to spend more than $20-$50 on this setup. This will be enough to help you practice casting and retrieving lures. Tie on any of the starter lures A&L previously outlined and you’ll be catching bass in no time.

Summary of what you need:

  • pre assembled rod, reel, and line
  • 6 foot, medium power rod
  • spincast reel OR spinning reel
  • 6 to 10 pound test clear monofilament line

For the experienced angler, what was the rod and reel combo you landed your first bass on?