#33 – How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot

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Going back to the basics with this one. The Improved Clinch knot has to be the most commonly used knot in fishing. Second to maybe tying my shoes, it’s the easiest knot I can think of. With a little practice you’ll be tying this thing with your eyes closed. And although it may be effortless […]

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#32 – Lipless Crankbait

Lipless Crankbait, AKA: “Rattletrap” “Rat-L-Trap” (made popular by Bill Lewis) “Trap” “Vibrating Lure” I would be willing to bet most anglers’ first ever crankbait fish come on a lipless crankbait. Lipless cranks are easily found in your local superstore at a low price. Not only are they easy to come by, but you can catch […]

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#31 – Kayak Fishing. Less is More.

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Article by Jonathan Aljets On any given summer day on Ladybird Lake, it’s easy to get a glimpse of the one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in America – Kayak Fishing. Paddle boarders, rowers, kayakers and sailors meander up and down the riverbank like water bugs skimming just above the surface, all while kayak […]

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carolina rig for bass

#30 – Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is similar to the Texas rig, except the weight is separated from the plastic by a swivel and leader line. This may not sound significant, but it actually opens up a ton of options for finding and catching fish that are relating to the bottom or suspending just above it. This is […]

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Top Water Bass Fishing

#29 – Topwater Bass Fishing

Article by Brandon Hughes Lures (my favorite model/color in parenthesis) Walking/Spook style (River2Sea Rover 128 in Bone/White) Popper (River2Sea Bubble Popper 88 in Bone/White) Frog (River2Sea Bully Wa 65 in Big Mouth pattern) Buzz Bait (Screwy Lewy Lures single & double buzz in Ghost/White) Target Areas Rip Rap Banks/Points (Spook or Popper) Spawning Areas (Spook […]

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#28 – Post-Spawn Bass Fishing

Article by Josh Cole Target Areas Backwater areas Shallow cover leading from spawning areas to deeper summer haunts Shallow grass, stumps, and laydowns Bluegill bedding areas Lures (my favorite model/color in parenthesis) Swim Jig (Santone Lures Rayburn Swim Jig in bass candy color) Flipping Jig (Santone Lures Rattlin Jig in bass candy color, Strike King […]

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#27 – Pattern Fishing

Pattern fishing is all about finding consistency in the fish you’re catching. Repeating these consistencies throughout the day or on different parts of the water will usually help you land more fish. A pattern could be as simple as learning that you have to throw fast-moving baits for reaction strikes or dark colored lures in […]

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#25 – Reading Between the Lines

Selecting the right fishing line can be a confusing task for new anglers. Without guidance, all the different materials, brands and prices will have you frozen in a state of information overload. Your first thought might be to buy the strongest line possible to make sure you can haul in that lunker rumored to be […]

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2015 Bassmaster Classic

Congratulations to Casey Ashley on winning the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out all of the footage from the event on bassmaster.com. There is SO MUCH to learn about winter fishing tactics. Casey also happened to win using an underspin jig that […]

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